Deep Analysis Algorithm

WCAnalyzer that developed by our professional auditors makes deeply analyze and finds almost newly vulnerabilities and quality issues quickly.

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AI Logical Detection

Detect more accurate results with logical artificial intelligence search rather than focusing on just specific signatures

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Real Pro Support

Team members who have more than 15 years of experience in software and security industry with having the most valuable security certifications today

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Why Us?

With a staff of ethical hackers, you can quickly identify vulnerabilities and risks that you can not detect in your web applications, and receive reports in a reliable and understandable way. You can request a detailed report analysis from our online consultants at a small fee, such as $ 10.

  • Our expert team members continuously improve the analysis algorithms by examining the information obtained from the applications analyzed on the site.
  • R & D team members study new weaknesses and feed analytic tools with these data.
  • You can benefit from all these studies free of charge.


We have wide-area services on software and information security. Please check below.

IoT Risk Analysing

Analysing IoT devices and reporting weakness

Software Code Quality Analysis

Checking both powerful tools and visual inspection of your written code and reporting quality mistakes


Configuration and code optimization that will speedup your application also be secure

Information Security

Protecting valuable information from bad guys

Web Application Security

From begin to end web application security audit and reporting

Audit and Consultancy

ISO 27001 auditing and consultancy

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